Green Desert

In Postproduction, Documentary


After finding my great-great-grandmother's lost guitar, I walk through the ruins of old burnt family houses in the coastal mountain range of the Maule River. I travel in search of my dead grandmothers, singers, potters and peasant healers, while pine monoculture plantations threaten to set fire to the mountains again, razing the native forest territory to the ground.


Original title
Desierto Verde
Meliza Rojas Cancino
Executive producer
Director of Photography
Ignacio Martínez
Musical Composer
Camila Soria
Musical Composer
Silvio Rozzi Zunino
Art Team
Meliza Rojas Cancino
Art Team
Anouk Aguilo
Art Team
Álvaro Rojas
Marta Cáceres
Edmundo Cancino Luna
Ernestina Cancino Luna
Meliza Luna Venegas
Amaru Luna Martinoli
Shooting Format
16mm, super 8, Full HD y 4K
Running time
90 min

Director’s biography

Meliza Rojas Cancino

Meliza is a Visual Artist and Documentary Filmmaker with a degree in Visual Arts from the University of Chile (2013), and a Masters in Documentary Film (2019) from the same university with the Audiovisual Fund. Among her awards and grants Audiovisual Fund Training Line (2019), Best Art Direction in DIVAFILMFEST (2016) with short film "El camino de la pólvora", Creation and Research Fund (2015) of the DAV of the University of Chile to make series "Santa Lucia". Meliza has participated with Desierto Verde in the WIP of the 36th Mar del Plata Festival, in the laboratories of Frontera Sur (2021) and Sanfic Industria (2021) and Arca: artists in residence at Cabo de Hornos (2016). He received the Válvula Films Award at Sanfic and the Best Project Award at Arca.

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WIP 36º Festival de Mar del Plata, LAB Frontera Sur (2021), Sanfic Industria (2021), Arca: artistas en residencia en Cabo de Hornos (2016).


Válvula films Award Sanfic, Arca. Best Project